Welcome to the Havok & Hijinks demo! You can expand a card by clicking it. The rest will be explained as we go through the demo.
You are a mischievous Ruby dragon that has just been kicked out of the nest! You and your friends are going to terrorize the peasants and each other in a race to be the first to have a hoard with a value of 15.
At the start of each turn, you go off on an adventure in search of treasure. Unfortunately, because you didn't pay too much attention to your lessons, you don't really know what you're doing. This often leads to havok! Now, flip a card from the havok deck by clicking on it.
You got lucky this time! You flipped a treasure card, so it's added to your hoard. Now you can play a hijinks card. Your hand consists of your hijinks cards, which are little tricks that you learn along the way.
There are two types of hijinks: play and crash. Plays are used while you are the active dragon and crashes can be used when the conditions on the card are met. Keep in mind that you can only use one hijinks card during your own turn unless a card or event specifically allows you to use more.
You may notice that there is a second effect on each card with a symbol next to them. This is an affinity symbol. Your own dragon has a similar symbol in the corner which identifies what your affinity is. When these symbols match, you are able to use the secondary effect on the card.
You only have one hijinks card that you can use right now: Shot in the Dark. In this case, your affinities match, so you also get the bonus effect. Take a moment to read what it does, then let's engage in some hijinks! Drag it onto the havok deck to activate it when you're ready.
You've flipped an event and a treasure. Since you get to choose which you resolve, and the event is definitely not a good one, you pick the treasure. Normally, events go into the past events pile, but Shot in the Dark has you place it at the bottom of the havok deck instead.
Now that you are done with your hijinks, you draw back up to three cards. Click on the hijinks deck to draw a new card and add it to your hand.
It is now the Obsidian dragon's turn. The Obsidian dragon starts their turn by flipping a havok card.
They also got treasure and added it to their hoard. Now they have the option to play a hijinks card, so let's see what happens and hope for the best!
Uh oh! The Obsidian dragon is after your treasure! They've played Spontaneous Combustion and targeted your Silver Talons! Thankfully, you have a crash that you can use: Careful With That. Take a moment to read what it does.
To defend your treasure, drag Careful With That onto the targeted treasure, your Silver Talons.
Congratulations! You have successfully defended your treasure from the Obsidian dragon. Don't forget to draw a new card from the hijinks deck to replace Careful With That.
It is now the Amber dragon's turn and they flip a havok card.
They got an event: the Sodality Knights! The knights of the Sodality have come to the Amber dragon's hoard looking for a noble to rescue. Thankfully for the Amber dragon, they aren't any nobles in their hoard, so they are safe.
Oh no! Instead of just letting the event pass, the Amber dragon is redirecting it to you! Unfortunately, the Sodality Knights take your human treasure, scold you thoroughly, and leave. How cruel!
That is the end of the Amber dragon's turn and the end of round one. That means it is now your turn!
Click the Havok deck to go out and search for treasure. Good luck!
How lucky for you! A pair of wealthy benefactors came by and offered you some treasure from their cart. You flipped two more cards from the havok deck and found a shiny diamond and some bronze talons to add to your hoard.
Now you can play a hijinks card. You can play the card Mine? to trade your bronze talons for the gold talons in the Obsidian dragon's hoard. Drag your hijinks card onto the Obsidian dragon's treasure to attempt to trade for it.
Congratulations! You successfully traded treasures with the Obsidian dragon. Now draw a hijinks card.
It is now the Obsidian dragon's turn, so they flip a havok card.
How mysterious! The Obsidian dragon had a secret meeting with the Oracle and now they seem to know more about upcoming events.
That Obsidian dragon just won't leave you alone! They lash out and break one of your treasures at random by using the secondary effect of the card, since their affinity matches the card. Since you have no defends against breaks, your gold talons end up in the trash heap.
Utilizing their innate talent for messing around in the trash heap, the Obsidian dragon then grabs the gold talons out of the trash heap, cleans them off, and puts them in their own hoard. They then find themselves very tired and are unable to use their innate hijinks for the time being.
After all of the Obsidian's shenanigans, it is finally the Amber dragon's turn.
During the Amber dragon's journey for treasure, the sun begins to shine... bright. Very bright. So bright, that you overheat and the Amber dragon takes advantage of this by stealing your precious diamond!
You are playing with some aggressive dragons! The Amber dragon has stolen a treasure from you and the Obsidian dragon in one move, putting themselves far in the lead.
That is it for round two, and for this demo! We hope you enjoyed it and have a better understanding of how Havok & Hijinks plays. Stay tuned for more updates to the game's progress and the upcoming Kickstarter!